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Invisible Braces

A beautiful smile gives you more self-confidence and helps you in your career growth and love life. Crooked teeth and crowding can make your smile less attractive. Orthodontic treatment recommended by dentists can clear imperfections and misalignments and improve the oral health of the patient. Invisible braces is an advanced technology system which can straighten teeth without interfering in the daily activities of patients. The system, which is developed by Align Technology, has a series of clear aligners that are fabricated specifically to suit the need of every patient. At our dental office in our dentist uses Clearpath & Clearmoves systems to treat a number of orthodontic cases. We have been successful in creating beautiful smiles for the people of the city.

Invisible braces - 'The best one can opt for':

invisible aligners have become the most preferred choice among the people.. Invisible braces has overshadowed metal braces due to its features. Since braces have their own limitations and restrictions, this had made Invisible Braces a winning combination to the community . People with a misaligned tooth, crooked tooth, tooth pointing out are opting for Invisalign aligners since they are more comfortable to wear and easily removable than conventional braces. Moreover, another major advantage of an Invisalign is that they are not visible when worn on the teeth.

Misaligned teeth and the smile

The teeth look attractive when they are perfectly aligned and straight. When there is not sufficient space in the jawbone for proper growth of teeth there is malocclusion. The teeth become crooked because of crowding. In other cases, the jawbone may overgrow and there may be gaps between teeth because of disproportionate size of a jaw. As a result of such bodily defects, the teeth can turn, incline at angles, crowd up or even move apart. Orthodontics is a branch that studies problems related to bite and treatment of the same. If left untreated the misalignment of teeth can cause the following problems.

  • It may lead to improper maintenance of oral hygiene and increase the chances of decay
  • The teeth may wear
  • The smile looks less interesting
  • Complex malocclusion cases can cause TMJ problems

® – How do they work?

This is a system of aligners made of BPA-free thermoplastic. The aligners are smooth and invisible and hence do not cause discomfort to cheeks or lips. The aligners can be used to straighten teeth in a number of cases, which include, crossbite, open bite, crowding and gaps between teeth. They move teeth through an application of controlled forces. In each stage, there are progressive changes in a position of teeth to bring better alignment. Dentists prescribe the use of retainers by the end of the treatment to ensure that the teeth do not shift back to the previous position.

Invisible Braces Benefits

The treatment has several benefits over dental braces. Although aligners are not suitable for very complex malocclusion cases, they can still be a preferable option for orthodontic conditions where teeth movement required is less in magnitude. Since the appliance is virtually invisible the treatment does not cause embarrassment to patients. It is easy to maintain oral hygiene with Invisalign ® since the aligners are removable. Unlike dental braces, which create higher chances of dental infection because of food lodgment around brackets, Invisalign ® is safe since the aligners can be removed when eating.

Invisible Braces Treatment

Our dentist is one of the trained invisible bracesproviders in the city. The treatment starts with general checkup of oral health and a questionnaire where our dentist asks patients what they expect from Clearpath & Clearmoves .Our dentist decides on the suitability of the treatment after performing a thorough checkup. X-rays and scanners are used to develop a 3D image of the dentition. The treatment plan is set and a preview of the expected results is shown to the patient. The aligners are custom-made in the lab and the first set is delivered to the practice. Our dentist guides patients on the usage of aligners and oral hygiene. Patients should visit the dentist once in about 4-6 weeks to check the progress of the treatment. Each pair of aligners is replaced with another after every 2 weeks. The treatment may take about 12 months to 18 months depending on the complexity of the malocclusion.